In a previous post I presented some (very back-of-the-envelope) calculations on the economics of decentralisation, and when it might make sense to disconnect, or defect, from a centralised power network.  Recently there has also been a shift in donor focus towards less centralised power solutions.  Large-scale power projects are not about to disappear, but the latest Power Africa… Read More

This week the UK Government issued a consultation on further tweaks to the Capacity Market, including a possible acceleration of its introduction.  Putting aside the politics behind the proposals, the consultation makes this as good a time as any to consider whether our current thinking on electricity market design for a low carbon generation mix… Read More

Battery storage is revolutionising the way we think about electricity.  Perhaps the most exciting thing about the rapid development of this technology is the greater role for renewables that it is sure to facilitate.  For years we have been warned that the challenges of managing intermittent generation will limit the role that it can play. … Read More